Thursday, January 22, 2009


When I'm not making a fool of myself online or in the streets, I can be seen making a fool of myself in the dojo where I get my ass handed to me by kohai and senpai alike!

Located on the campus grounds of the University of British Columbia, nestled amongst the trees, text-books and drunken co-eds, is the UBC Rec Centre: home to a myriad of fitness and wellness progams, inluding martial arts. It is here where the UBC Classical Jujutsu Club studies Takeuchi-ryu jujutsu under the auspices of the Shofukan dojo.

The Shofukan is a special place. Yes, partly because I am there, but more so because of its affiliation with the Bitchu-den lineage of Takeuchi-ryu: a classical system of jujutsu from Japan founded by Takeuchi Hisamori in the early 16th century. After reading the not-so-great Wikipedia article on Takeuchi-ryu, you will learn something of its history and curriculum, but what you won't learn is just how damn difficult it can be to find a place to study it! That makes the Shofukan a very special place indeed for anybody who has an interest in Takeuchi-ryu or Koryu in general (Koryu being a term used to describe Classical Japanese Martial Arts whose origins pre-date the Meiji Restoration). It is therefore my pleasure to present to you in my first post, the link to the Vancouver Shofukan's new web page at:

Please check out the website. Inside you will find some rudimentary information on our dojo; links to other Bitchu-den Takeuchi-ryu dojos around the world; and links to some great resources that you can use to start or further your interest in Koryu. Enjoy!

Yours in Budo,

Philip Gurney

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